tisdag 17 december 2013

Julkalender, Lucka 17, Hur man ska hantera sin dotters nya pojkvän..

Alltså jag har ett mardröm scenario, och det är att jag får en dotter som vid 14 års ålder börjar dejta en 20 plussare.. Så va vad ska man göra för att få en ordentlig liten flicka som lyder som man säger?

Först och främst kan du alltid låsa in henne till 25, och sen släppa ut henne, men det är inte så smart heller.. Fasten man skulle vilja det..
Men jag har en lösning, de kan börja dejta men JAG ska vara med varje gång! :D Jag tror att det uppskattas väldigt mycket, vi kan se på bamse och så vidare, leka med dockor...
Men här är ett tips jag fick från 9gag.. Inte riktigt min favorit men du vet var du har dom..

Lite äckligt faktiskt...

Men mitt sista tips är faktiskt en hop med tips som jag hittade på nätet..

Fathers of reddit, what is the best way you have messed with a daughters boyfriend when meeting him?(self.AskReddit)
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[–]audiate 640 poäng  sen
When my dad met my sister's boyfriend (whom she is now married to) for the first time, he answered the door butt naked like nothing was wrong.
[–]SirSwimmicus 43 poäng  sen
The Naked Man: works 2 out of 3 times, guaranteed.
[–]pinktieman 1808 poäng  sen
Something like that.
I have a relatively mild cinnamon allergy. Girlfriend at the time told her parents this.
Her dad bought her cinnamon body wash.
That crafty motherfucker.
[–]menuitem 228 poäng  sen
.....and she used it?
Knowing you have an allergy?
[–]wrong-hole 974 poäng  sen
My friend had no dad living with them so he was the man of the house or whatever. His sister was bringing a boy round and he assumed it was her bf. he is a fairly muscly guy and he planned for some reason to intimidate him by answering the door in just his boxers (I still don't see the logic in this) and showing off his tattoos and generally asserting alpha status by not giving a fuck about even getting dressed.
So the guy turns up and he's actually her gay friend. And the guy wrenches the door open in his boxers and gruffly goes "you must be..." And the gay guy was like "ooooo what a treat"
Totally back fired
edit: *wrenches
[–]MrCronkite 1484 poäng  sen
My (white Jewish) sister bright her (black Christian) boyfriend on a family vacation. One night, my dad walked up to my sister and gave her a kiss goodnight. Her boyfriend looked at him and asked, "no kiss for me mr. ________?" So my dad turns to him, and kisses this black man with about a foot on him, right on the lips. I have never been in a quieter room.
[–]JCAPS766 873 poäng  sen
now them right there's some testes
[–]Zombie_wombat 279 poäng  sen
Your dad's a badass of epic proportions.
[–]viramola 1723 poäng  sen
I was out with a few friends and we ran into a big group of soldiers. This wasn't uncommon as it was a military town, so we hung out for a bit at a local burger place.
The boys, all of them 18, were discussing one of their superiors and the consensus around the table was that this man was a complete pain in the ass.
After a while I noticed someone giving the man a nickname based on his surname. My surname.
The pain in the ass, was my dear old father.
I told them this and the evening took an abrupt end as they shuffled off in a hurry.
When I returned home and told my father about it he laughed for a really long time, and when wiping his tears away the only thing he said was "I can't believe it worked... "
TL;DR Father was a pain in the arse to future suitors. I never got to date any soldiers.
[–]j00jy 1801 poäng  sen
That man is a genius! He spent all those years in the military just to gain a high enough rank to clamjam you from getting your soggy box invaded by young soldiers.
[–]tossthisbitch 1196 poäng  sen
Clam jam
[–]SaKage96 582 poäng  sen
Cockblock for women.
[–]SubcommanderMarcos 472 poäng  sen
Soggy box.

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